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IN late August Mr. Munn became a member of the board
which directed the organization and management of the
Association. When a Mr. Morphee resigned because of ill
health, the members of the board appointed Mr, Munn to fill
the unexpired short term for the Bardsville district; and some
four months later he was elected by the members of his
district for a full term of two years.

He was sitting in his office, one afternoon, when they
brought the news of his appointment to him. He had been
sorting some papers when they came—the Senator, followed
by Mr, Sills and Mr. Christian. They had, they said, smiling,
a little news for him. He got up, somehow vaguely disturbed
despite their smiles, and asked them to have seats. No, they
said, they had just dropped in for a minute to give him a
little bit of news that might interest him. The expression
on his face must have betrayed his almost painful puzzle-
ment and the confusion of his anticipation, for Mr. Christian
said: "Hell, Senator, go on and tell the boy. Don't leave
him standing up there looking like a fool."

"My boy," the Senator announced, and approached him
with an outstretched hand, " we have come to tell you that
you are a member of the Association board." He took Mr.
Munn's hand, which was automatically extended to him,
and shook it with the slightly ceremonious air which marked
all of his actions. He"added, shaking the hand, "To com-
plete the unexpired term of Mr. Morphee."

The puzzlement and confusion which Mr. Munn had first
experienced assumed positive form, crystallizing suddenly
into the word "No," which burst sharply from his lips; and
the sound of his own unpremeditated refusal started a sur-
prise in him to match the surprise which he observed on the
faces of his friends. Then he added, "I haven't got any